The Myth of web hosting

If you have ever wanted to get a domain name but got dettered from it becasue of fear of it being a complicated process or being too expensive, its time for the myth to be busted.

All you need to do is contact your local company that does domain regstration, if you search on any of the search engines it should give you a few options. All they need is your personal information to register the domain and the money, A domain eg www.myname.com will require a hosting package for this web address to be located online, so for this you would need to get a hosting package.

Most companies have different levels of packages and the key is to consider your need, if you will require a lot of space for emails then you would go for one that has a disk space size of a couple of gigs.

Once you complete the payment process, your domain will take 48 - 72hrs to start working.

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