What we do

Web Development

We use a wide range of technologies to develop and create websites, web applications, systems & apps.

Graphic Design

We create cutting - edge designs that empower visionaries and entrepreneurs to lead meaningful brands.

Digital Marketing

Your brand is not just your logo or your website, it’s what you say, what you do and what you stand for across all digital channels.

Data Visualisation

Inspired Thinking. Ask smarter questions, push for innovative solutions and believe in the power of creativity. Leverage on all your data

We are a dedicated team of qualified professionals that use creative technology to satisfy the needs of our clients. We create visual & digital solutions that enhance and strengthen brand visibility and engage users. Clients can trust that if they have an idea they need marketed, whether it be print or web based, that we will transform that idea and make it a reality using the knowledge we have in order to surpass customer expectation.


  • Akello

    To re-brand the education products that are under the Econet brand. The group company will be called Akello.

  • Mabu Tribe

    This project was to rebrand a natural hair products packaging to show brand growth and focus.

  • Royal Heritage Festival

    This is a website done for an annual event, where local and international musicians celebrate Heritage Day.

  • The Orange Tree

    This is a corporate identity and website done for a catering business. The name and logo of the business are derived from the names of the founding partners, one who's surname means "crown" and the other who's is Orange.

  • Tutwa Consulting Group

    This is the new branding done for Tutwa Consulting, from the logo to the website. The logo is inspired by the Southern Cross and the story behind the brand.

  • Breaking New Ground

    This is a website done for the initiative started by the South African Department of Human Settlements. The initiative is called Breaking new ground and showcases what the Department is doing to improve the housing issues with disadvantaged South Africans.

  • Ubuntu Equity

    This is branding done for Ubuntu Equity. The Company aid's start-up's by providing management accounting and training services.

  • Genesis Electricity Ltd

    This is the corporate identity, website and company profile done for a Nigerian based company in the energy sector, called Genesis Electricity.

  • TIFI 2016

    This website was done for an event being held in Tanzania, where government and private sector investors can interact and learn more about the opportunities in various sectors within Tanzania

  • Corporate SOS

    This is a company profile that serves as a marketing tool to inform people about the business, done for a recruitement agency called Corporate SOS

  • Check My Electricity Bill

    This is a website done for a new business where users can check their electricity payments and make sure they are being billed accurately. This was outsourced to Apical Edge for development.

  • Africa Wealth Managers

    This is a logo and corporate identity done for a financial company called Africa Wealth Managers.

  • UNICEF Infographic

    This is an infographic done for a presentation, in order to illustrate the process of receiving and making use of specific data.

Our clients

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